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How many potty training accidents are normal

How many potty training accidents are normal

You are potty training your little one and it isn't going well. What seems to be countless accidents all over your house makes you wonder... is your child ready? Is this normal?

Most likely... it is.

Potty training is a messy process. While some children transition with ease from diapers to potty or even the family toilet, most toddlers go through a few days (or weeks!) of non-stop accidents, until the concept finally is assimilated and we can stop watching them like a hawk!

What to do if you child has potty accidents non stop

You have two options here:

1) You stop potty training. Hide the potty, don't even mention anything about it and try again in a few weeks. It is possible that your child wasn't ready and they may benefit from some more time to mature.

2) You keep going strong. This is also a viable option. While I personally believe it is best to wait until your child is ready - arguably it is hard to figure out if your little one is REALLY ready. Some signs that suggest readiness are the ability to sing songs, knowing lyrics back to back, answering to questions directly and the ability to follow directions (for example: "could you bring me that cup, please?").
Now, it is possible that you'll end up cleaning a really large amount of accidents. So many in fact...! again, this is NORMAL, and your patience will be tested. 
I recommend covering your rugs and furniture with plastic covers if it becomes a bit too out of control, and keep it up. You may be just a day or two away from victory!

What to avoid when potty training your little one

1) The number one thing you want to avoid is lecturing your child when they have an accident. This is completely out of their control and you don't want them associating potty with being yelled at. Ideally you keep it fun and light, celebrating every step of the way.

2) Check on your potty. If you started on the family potty and your child is having too many accidents, it might be a good idea to get a small kids potty. Maybe the flushing sound is scary, or the seat is cold, or your little one is simply not motivated enough to learn. Our Potty Training Fix kit comes with a portable potty that can also be used as a seat adaptor, so you have both options in one.

3) Forgetting to praise. This is a huge milestone for your child. Praising (or bribing!) really do go a really long way here, way more than lecturing when accidents happen.

4) Not reading books about going to the potty. This is the key to success. You want to read books to your child every single night, to get them excited about potty training and also to help them understand the process. Our Potty Training Fix kit comes with a super cute book, along with a series of tools to keep your child engaged.

In conclusion, accidents happen. And they can happen... a LOT! It is all normal. Be consistent, you got this!

Founder Tantrum Fixby Julia Lera Israch

Founder, TantrumFix.com and PottyTrainingFix.com

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