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How to potty train boys

How to potty train boys

Potty training boys is slightly different than girls - here are the tips you need to make this transition as quick and easy as possible.

At first, have your little boy sit to pee on a potty chair rather than standing. It will be easier for them to learn, plus you'll avoid having to clean your walls, or him being too short to really aim. Once he is seated, help him aim down, inside the potty until you are sure he understands this.

Once they are a little taller and they can clearly stand above the toilet, you can start teaching him to go standing. Some parents like to throw something inside the toilet bowl (a cheerio, for example) for their little one to aim. This will make it for a fun game that may help get your boy motivated.

We recommend reading a book about potty training every night to your child, to get them used to the concepts and build their enthusiasm to potty train. 

We believe it is a complete myth that it is easier to potty train a girl rather than a boy. Be confident in yourself and push forward! You got this ;-)

how to potty train a boy

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