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Potty training? Here are some helpful tips to get started

Potty training? Here are some helpful tips to get started

Potty training is a huge milestone and for many parents a rollercoaster ride, but take solace in the fact that you've laid the groundwork and now it's time to put that potty to use! Here are some tried and true tips to help you get started with potty training your toddler:

Switch to pull-ups. When your child is just starting out on the potty, play it safe with pull-ups. They can pull them down like underpants, but in the event of an accident they absorb like diapers and can be ripped off rather than pulled over their feet. 

Let them bare their bottom. To boost your child's awareness of their body's signals, allow them to run about (in a room with a washable floor) without pull-ups or diapers. It's hard to ignore urine when there's no diaper to hold it in. Keep the potty close by so your child can act on her body's signals quickly.

Watch closely. At this point, you might be better at detecting their body's signals than they are. Look for tell-tale signs (like fidgeting or straining) and gently ask when you suspect they have to go. Even if you're too late and the deed is already done, have them sit on the potty anyway to reinforce the connection.

Keep them motivated. Remind them that using the potty means they’re growing up. In the beginning, a small, tangible incentive can help, too — for every success, try putting a sticker on the calendar or a penny in the piggy bank. As they become more comfortable using the potty, it's best to phase out the rewards and let her inner motivation take over.

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