Potty Training Fix

Using a potty chart to train your child

Using a potty chart to train your child

So you've decided to potty train your little one! A Potty Chart is a great idea to keep your kid motivated as they embark on their potty training journey.

Using stickers is a great way to show your child how they are progressing, keeping them engaged and excited to reach the finish line.

And while stickers alone can work wonders, you can also use small prizes to make the experience a bit more fun for your child or offer a larger prize after they have used the potty consistently for a full week. 

Potty chart

Our very own potty training kit comes with a special magnetic chart, that can be easily placed on your refrigerator, or any other home appliance, but can also be taped to the wall in case you prefer to keep it in your bathroom. We have included 30 days, to allow for a full month of training, however many kids accomplish this big milestone in just 3 days.

We recommend only focusing on day training in the beginning, leaving night training to happen naturally at your own child's pace.

how to potty train a child

Ready to Potty train your child?

Potty Training Fix is a complete kit to potty train toddlers. 

Each box contains a detailed step-by-step methodology for parents and a curated selection of items for the child to successfully say goodbye to diapers.