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When should you start potty training your child?

When should you start potty training your child?

Generally speaking, most kids will potty train successfully anywhere between 18 months and 3 years old. However, each child is different, and it is a good idea to ensure your little one is completely ready to embark on their potty training journey.

How can you tell your child is ready to be potty trained?

There are certain signs that a kid is ready to say goodbye to diapers:

  • When they start telling you when they are peeing on their diaper
  • When they look for privacy when doing a #2
  • When they are verbal and able to ask for what they want
  • When they start throwing tantrums
  • When they start memorizing songs

The best way to potty train

Following your child's readiness, we recommend you put out a potty chair for them. To make it exciting, you can let them decorate it with stickers, or place it in a special area (as long as it is accessible!).

Then, start reading a potty training book at nighttime. You can add some variety and read different ones each night until you think your little one is starting to understand.

Model potty training by telling your child when you are going to use the potty. Have them see you and make it into a fun game - maybe they can flush for you?

Go for it. Talk about it with your child, tell them how special this is and how they are growing so fast and learning so many new things. Agree on it and go for it, by removing diapers during the day. If it is cold, you can have them wear pants without underwear.

There will be accidents and this is completely normal. Clean them quickly without making a big deal out of them. No shame, and move on.

Continue reading the book at night and during the day, make sure your little one is sitting at the potty at least every 2-3 hours, to help create the habit. Offer water throughout the day, to encourage more time to practice.

Should you use rewards for potty training?

Some parents swear by using M&Ms to reward their children for using the potty, and some parents love using stickers and rewards charts.

Some very practical parents believe this is a normal thing we all do... and it doesn't need any rewards.

But you know your child best... and if a reward might do the trick... we say go for it. If you are hoping to avoid the unnecessary sugar and food coloring, you can think together of a nice prize for staying dry for a full week. It could be an experience (like a visit to their favorite indoor playground, zoo, etc.) or a small toy.

when to start potty training

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