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The easiest way to potty train boys and girls

potty training kit
We are a parenting solutions company dedicated to bring a positive and practical outlook to the challenges of raising children today. We are a group of moms, teachers and psychologists on a mission to help you make your job easier and joyful.

Our founder 

Founder Potty Training Fix
Our founder Julia Lera is an entrepreneur and marketer with over 12 years of experience bringing products to market.
After having 2 little girls and feeling clueless and misinformed, she decided to get a team of experts together and design Tantrum Fix, the best method to help children overcome temper tantrums in one easy kit. After a very successful first year and having won numerous parenting awards, including the Mom's Choice Awards, the Creative Child Awards and the Baby Maternity Magazine top choice award, it was time to launch our second kit: Potty Training Fix.
We are very excited to also be working on several upcoming kits, including the highly requested sleep training box for babies 0-12 months. 


Potty training kit